Satellite and WiFi Internet Services

Specialists in bespoke and custom internet solutions...

A comprehensive range of internet services based around custom "connecting" solutions, CorSat values high quality services and expert and attentive customer support.

We bridge space, oceans, fields and gardens...

CorSat works with some of the largest companies in the world, universities, colleges and government. Equally we help families and small businesses up and down the UK get a better internet and network connection using the latest Satellite and WiFi technologies.

CorSat provides a full range of award-winning internet and telephony services including broadband, satellite broadband, web hosting, telephones and email.

Business website hosting in cornwall

Enterprise-grade business web hosting...

Fully managed, clustered hosting for 100% uptime and maximum performance. No compromises.

With over 18 years experience in business web hosting, we've designed our systems to provide super high-availability hosting - starting at just £99 per year. In addition, we can customise a hosting solution to best suit your needs and your business - whether your websites gets a thousand hits or a billion hits.

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Secure data storage in the cloud

A complete range of complementary and bespoke service

Cloud Storage, Network consultancy and 360 VR Photography.

As we run our own world-class network - the only ISP in Cornwall do have it's own network - we provide all things internet.

Cloud Storage from 100GB to 100TB on our state-of-the-art clustered SANs - suitable for all backup applications and customisable to suit your needs inclding FTP, SFTP, Rsync, versioning and image snapshotting. Our DataStore solutions are secure and very fast.

With a massive experience in Networking from the very small to the very large (ours for example), we're able to offer expert consultancy and installation services on internal networks, leased lines, connectivity and security.

360-degree VR Photography service for virtual tours aimed at business, property and holiday businesses.

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Premium Email hosting for your Business

100% uptime, super-fast and super-reliable.

Developed and perfected over 15 years, our mail system is second to none.

Email is probably the most important part of many businesses nowadays, yet often an oversight by many ISP's (let's face it, most ISP's). It astounds us how primitive the vast majority of other mail systems actually are - and why our email system is chosen by several of the largest "big name" companies in the UK - including government, schools, financial institutions and schools - as well as Worldwide.

What makes our email service unique is that it's a fully mirrored cluster of two mail systems working in perfect duo-synchrony to ensure you have a 100% mail uptime. It's fast too - with over 80% of messages being sent instantly, and 98% within 10 seconds. It uses the highest security the recipient's mail server can handle (in 75% of cases full TLS and SSL encryption end to end). And we can fully customise everything to exactly how you want your domain's email handled.

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Great Value PSTN, ISDN and VoIP systems

Price-busting 1p per minute UK calls, 2p per minute International.

With our BT-beating phone line rental and call options you can save up to 66% on your phone charges - with no downtime, no changes, no quality difference no moving to an LLU provider, no long contracts and no excuses. In fact it's the same service you get from BT but a better service all round. Better value, better support and help. Better options.

Save money on your phone calls

Our BT-busting phone services can save you up to 66% on your company phone bill - with no downtime, no changes, no quality difference no moving to an LLU provider, no long contracts - but more importantly no excuses. We provide the full range of Business PSTN and ISDN options as well as low-cost VoIP single and managed PBX solutions (from just £16.99 per month for full hosted phone systems).

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Web Development Cornwall

Web Engineering

Bespoke, cost-effective web systems, intranets, iOS Apps and UX.

We're not just web designers. We're not just web developers. We're not just programmers. We're web engineers.

Web engineering is about ensuring the design, user experience, development and the systems combine perfectly to create amazing internet and mobile apps to fit your business requirements. Web Engineering is when a unique and diverse mix of talent come together to form a complete service offering with expertise in depth and across all disciplines.

From brief through to deployment, we can help with every aspect of your development needs - or assist with some of the more technical parts. PHP Development, JavaScript, iOS apps and system, security and network integration.

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Satellite Broadband cornwall

CorSat - Next Generation Satellite Broadband

The latest superfast satellite broadband with speeds up to 22Mbps

Satellite technology has improved to the level where it offers a real alternative to ADSL - especially where speeds are slow. Perfect for countryside homes or where your area is not getting fibre and has speeds of less than 2-4Mbps. Also suitable as a backup internet connection for business.

Whether you're premises are in the countryside or in a not-spot in Cornwall, our CorSat Satellite Broadband can deliver superfast speeds both up and down - and you don't need a phone line. Prices start at just £5 per month. It's also a great solution for upload speeds, where up to 6Mbps can be achieved.


As Satellite Broadband specialists, we can design, install and configure to your exact requirements.


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