Premium ADSL and Fibre Broadband

• Superfast and super-reliable • Priority network speed
• On-site maintenance options • Managed security options
• Unlimited and Unrestricted • Fast ADSL network


Making light work of your internet connection...

Business ADSL and Fibre Broadband - up to 80Mbps

We understand how important reliable and fast broadband is and have designed our packages with business in mind. A flexible and premium suite of ADSL2+ and superfast Lightspeed™ Fibre broadband products for the demanding business environment - each configurable to your exact

Completely un-restricted broadband means your business runs faster - with enhanced network priority and elevated care levels across the entire network.

Combined with our price-busting OneVoice line rental and call packages - you can save a small fortune as well as getting a better, more responsive service. Fully managed firewall and onsite maintenance options are available with priority instant response and 4 hour onsite appointments throughout Cornwall.

Contact us for bonded ADSL, multiple ADSL, backup ADSL and Satellite Broadband services. We can provide consultancy to ensure you have the best solution for your needs.

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Well connected

There are many parts to delivering broadband to your business: The “last mile” (premises to exchange) is dealt with by Openreach and then your connection passes to a multi-million pound, 20-node aggregation point network, interconnected across the UK and monitored around the clock. From there it passed directly onto our core network - which we’ve tweaked for optimum speed throughout.

Elevated Speeds

Often email and internet access is one of the most important utilities for any business - so our Business Broadband carries elevated priority as well as priority over other users at the exchange-level and on our network.

Customise your broadband

We can offer many failover and additions to your fibre broadband, with speeds of up to 80Mbps down and 30Mbps up - including Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - call for details of FTTP with speeds up to 330Mbps.

Priority Fault reporting and repairs

Our Lightspeed Business Pro package includes care level 3 as standard - that means, should your broadband develop a fault, Openreach guarantee to respond to that fault within 4hours, 24/7 (normal care level is 4hrs working hours weekdays, 9-12 Saturday).

Uptime Guarantee

So confident are we in the quality of our broadband, and the award-winning support we provide, that we were the first ISP in the UK to guarantee its availability. So you know that when something does go wrong - and lets face it, it will, despite everyone’s best efforts - we’re doing everything we can, as quickly as we can, to get things up and running.

Please note that Lightspeed Fibre connections are subject to a 12month contract.


• 100% uptime GUARANTEE
• Elevated Speeds
• Superfast DNS
• Clustered backend network
• Configured routers and modems
• Windows, Mac and Linux Support
• UK-based technical support
• Resilient infrastructure
• No long contracts
• Priority telephone support (8am to midnight weekdays)
• Free migration - no downtime


• Managed Firewall
• Onsite maintenance
• Phone Line rental and calls
• Email and hosting packages
• Bonding over MLPPP.
• Annex M where available
• Failover links via LLU, ADSL and 3G alternate networks for increased reliability
• Onsite WiFi design and install
• Security design and consultancy

  Business ADSL Lite Business ADSL Pro

Perfect for small / home businesses or for VoIP ADSL lines and backup lines

Recommended for all where internet is a key part of the business

Download Speed up to 24Mbit up to 24Mbit
Upload Speed up to 1.4Mbs up to 1.4Mbs
Peak Dowload Limit 40gig UNLIMITED
Overnight Download Limit UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Exchange Priority Standard Elevated (usually £12 /mo)
Opnereach Care Level High: 4hrs/Weekdays Highest: 4hr/24x7(usually £12 /mo)
Fixed IP's included up to 8 up to 8
Call package (1p/min landlines) Save at least 33% Save at least 33%
Business Line Rental + £17 /mo. + £17 /mo.
Price without line rental £29/mo £69 /mo
Price Per month



  LightSpeed Business LightSpeed Pro

Perfect for smaller businesses

Super-fast speeds for networks or if speed is critical

Fastest Speeds (up to) 40Mbps down / 10 Mbps up 80Mbps down / 20Mbps up
Download Limit True UNLIMITED True UNLIMITED
Migrate from other FTTC FREE FREE
Installation / upgrade fee Special Offer: £60 Special Offer: £60
Price Per Month



Bolt Ons

OneVoice Business Line Rental +£17.00/month +£17.00/month
Price without Line Rental £ 40 / month £79 /month
Upgrade to 80Mbps down 20Mbps up + £10.00 /month + £10.00 /month
Upgrade to 10 upload (on 40 down) +£5.00 /month +£5.00 /month

Full Support from web experts

With over 18 years experience in the hosting industry, our award-winning 24hour support is second-to-none