Ultra high availability web hosting...

We call it 4x4 hosting: Rugged. Reliable. All weather.


Designed at enterprise-grade but with prices suitable for any business. It's a whole new level above your regular hosting plan.

Web Hosting

4x4 hosting is four times the resilience of other business hosting services.

Business Web Hosting

Our state-of-the-art hosting facilities provide fast, reliable and secure hosting at a level normally reserved for enterprise hosting. Our systems are secured and managed around the clock with multiple power, link and failover protection.

Every site is powered by our 4x4 Clustered Hosting System - with 4 layers of hosting redundancy for every site, running on 4 levels of storage and network redundancy. Ultra high availability is built-in at every level to ensure your site and email is always available. Fully load balanced to ensure it's lightening fast for every visitor. Perfect for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal CMS sites.

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4x4 Hosting - a new breed of reliability and performance

We've designed our whole network and hosting system to protect it from a single point of failure. We run at least 4 of everything across two geo-graphically diverse data centres:

  • Network - 4 network ports on each server, bonded across a stack of switches, each with at least two routers (and multiple paths to the internet from each)
  • DNS System - we run 4 over two different data centres. Load and availability balancers - 4 of these, 2 in each location.
  • Server Web and SQL Clusters - we run at least 4 in each data centre for each service
  • Storage Clusters - we run a co-operative, distributed RAID storage system for application and storage clusters, with data striped and replicated at least 4 times over 4 sets of drives (16 SAN storage systems).

100% Service up-time - Guaranteed!

100% Uptime guaranteed

We run geo-redundant cloud clusters: Essentially a group of high specification servers which run your website so that if one or more fails (or gets busy), the others take over or help out instantly. What's more, these clusters are spread over two geographically diverse datacentres 200 miles apart. We call this system Quadra: 4 layers of redundancy, with no single point of failure. Your site won't go down and that's a promise.

"If you are not happy with the speed of your website, it's availability or the service and support you get from us, we'll give you your money back..."

First Class Email

All of our hosting comes with one of our coveted Business Email packages which includes customisable spam protection, virus scanning and webmail. 100% uptime is guaranteed thanks to an innovative mirrored mail system that works together in perfect duo-synchrony.

Well connected

We operate 3 data centres in the UK and two in the US. Our primary systems are based in the very heart of the UK's internet infrastructure,Telehouse London.This is the most interconnected data centre in the Europe. All DCs have the highest security, power redundancy and fire protection.


• 100% uptime GUARANTEED
• Fully managed
• 24/7/365 active monitoring
• Business-class email service included
• Clustered disks, cpu and storage for
ultra-high availability
• Windows, Mac and Linux Support
• Fast connectivity (multiple links)
• UK-based technical support
• Google Analytics injection
• Comprehensive backups
• PHP, CGI, MYSQL support included
• Clustered SQL servers



• Secure SSL certificates
• Global CDN’s
• Web Engineering and Scripting
• Individual Site Monitoring (Premium)
• Domain management

Typical Cluster Node Specification
• Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz with 96GB RAM
• At least 4 clusters running each site

Typical Storage Specification
• Multiple dual active-active controller raid system combined with...
• Cluster-based distributed RAID per node

Typical Network Specification
• CISCO-powered n+1 switch and routers
• Multiple 1Gbps and 10 Gbps Tier 1 links, dual
LINX 1Gbps feeds, global peering.

  WebPack Lite WebPack Pro WebPack Extreme

Our most popular package, suitable for most CMS-driven websites

High-end hosting for larger sites with multiple database support

Premium hosting with more backups, priority support and individual monitoring

Webspace 100gig 500gig 1TB
Bandwidth (per month) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Money-back Guarantee
Google Analytics injectors
Clustered Cloud Servers
Fully managed
Incremental backups 1 week, (daily SQL) 4 week (daily SQL) 3 month (hourly SQL)
PHP support
CGI and Perl support
MySQL Databases 5 x 1gig 10x1gig unlimited
Domain aliases 5 10 unlimited
24/7/365 Server Monitoring
Active per-service monitoring - -
Full Technical Support Premier Access Premier Access
Email Pack included Lite (5x5gig) Lite (25x10gig) Pro (25x10gig)
Price Per Year




Price per month £9.99 £29.99 £39.99
Setup Fee (for monthly payments) £10 FREE FREE

Full Support from web experts

With over 18 years experience in the hosting industry, our award-winning 24hour support is second-to-none